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Please see the therapists’ bios on the Therapists page and/or their websites for information on the types of massage that they provide.


Reiki can have a positive effect on many conditions while providing relaxation. I now offer it on a stand-alone basis as well as a massage follow-up.

Scrubs & Wraps

Scrubs & Wraps will be coming as well. Keep an eye on this spot for more information.


Massage services may be provided at your location or ours. Our locations are private, clean, professional, and provide a serene environment.

Popular Procedures

Combination Massage

Michael’s most popular massage is the Combination. It is primarily a relaxation (Swedish) massage with therapeutic work done as needed in spot areas such as the neck and/or shoulders and/or the lower back.


Reiki is a non-massage service addition. Reiki can have a positive effect on a number of conditions while providing relaxation. Read the page for more information.